Type DTK

Nest container in Euro format 600 x 400 mm

Special feature: the boxes can also be stacked on most Euroformat stacking containers and are
can therefore also be used with other makes.
For professional use in industry and trade.
When empty, the boxes are stacked (nested) inside each other, saving more than 50 % valuable storage space.

Equipped with a ribbed bottom, even heavy loads up to 80 kg are no problem: and the bottom does not bend!
The robust design also allows high stacking and loading loads of up to 600 kg.
Of course, our DTK containers are also suitable for foodstuffs and bear the appropriate labelling.
4 label fields on all sides allow easy identification of the respective contents of the crates.

Available in the heights 210, 270, 320 or 420 mm

Design and available colours:
walls and floor closed: red, blue, green or grey

walls perforated, bottom closed: red, blue or grey

Wände durchbrochen (perforiert), Boden geschlossen: rot, blau oder grau

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