Inserts - Insert Bins/Trays

Inserts - insert bins

for sorting and storing small parts in drawers (e.g. drawers of workbenches, cubboard drawers, desk drawers), organizers, worplaces etc..

All inserts are made of high quality impact polystyrene and are suitable for foodstuff.

The modular sizes of insert bins will help you to keep your workplace in order.
In addition, it will save you a lot of time that is regularly spent on searching the part(s) that you need  due to visibility of up to 5 different colours.

1a-TopStore insert bins are available in different heights:
Insert Bin Type E 40/1-2-3-4:             40 mm
Insert Bin Type E 54/1-2-3-4:             54 mm
Insert Bin Type E 63/1-2-3-4-5-6 4:   63 mm
Insert Bin Type E 70/1-2:                    70 mm
Insert Bin Type E 90/1-2:                    90 mm

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