Inserts - Insert Bins/Trays

The drawer inserts from 1a-TopStore are made of highly impact-resistant and therefore resistant polystyrene and enable clear storage or stockkeeping of small and very small parts. Up to 7 standard colours ensure immediate visual subdivision of drawers and assortment boxes / organisers and thus intuitive, quick access to the items stored in them.
For many of the insert boxes from 1a-TopStore glass-clear lids are available, which protect against dust and other impurities or simply prevent loss or unintentional mixing of the different contents when transporting the insert boxes.

All insert boxes are coordinated with each other in their respective series and can thus be combined with each other in an optimal modular way
according to your needs. Due to the numerous height gradations and wide range of dimensions, we are sure that you will find the right insert box for your application.

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